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What If It’s Just About Sex?

In modern dating, many people have sex way too soon in a relationship that often misleads them into the false belief that there is a shared emotional connection when, in actual fact, there is nothing more than a physical attraction.What If It’s Just About Sex?

Have you ever had an instant attraction to someone that you just wanted to grab him or her by the hand and take them straight into bed, the back seat of a car or even the nearest public restroom? It does not matter where. You just want to rip off his or her clothes and satisfy your desires without much more than a ‘Hello’. This works fine for a one-night stand but a complete disaster if you think this is the start of a relationship. You are on the fast track to nothing other than a series of one-night stands. Yes, it’s just about sex.

If you manage to stay together for at least a couple of months, you might find that the only time that you are not fighting with each other is when you are having sex. In fact, you may find that you have sex just to keep from fighting. Worse still, you may get between the sheets just to cure the boredom between the two of you. There is not a lot more to your connection than a physical one.

You will soon start to wonder how you managed to get yourself there but do not beat yourself up because, in actual fact, sometimes it really is just about sex. Unfortunately, many people confuse sexual attraction or lust with something more serious. This is a difficult situation to get out of as it is often times hard to recognize in the beginning and confusion will soon set in. You will not understand why nothing about this relationship is working except for the sex.

Hormones can wreak all sorts of havoc with your body and an unexplainable attraction is one of the ways that this happens. Sometimes it is all you can do to resist it. So, in many cases, you give in.

As to whether or not you should walk away from a relationship that is just about sex, it depends on what sort of person you are. If you are capable of engaging in what amounts to nothing more than a casual affair, then go for it. You will be able to take whatever good things you can from it and then move on.

On the other hand, if you are more of an emotional or sensitive type, you might want to stay away from what will be a no-win scenario such as this. Your emotions will get all tangled up with your physical attraction which means that you will keep getting your feelings hurt.

The best way to resist the temptation is to understand that you may find yourself attracted to others but that does not mean you have to sleep with them straight away. Take time to get to know someone first before leaping into bed with him or her.


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