Dating In Your 40s

Is Dating In Your 40s Your Last Chance For Love?

There is a lot of frustrations and pitfalls connected with looking for love in middle age. Yes, that is right admit it – you are middle-aged. Gulp!

Some of you may be way in denial and  hanging on for dear life to the youth card. Others might simply have not have found ‘the one’, put career before love or are on the other end of a longterm relationship or marriage. Either way, unless you are a celebrity millionaire or the modern day Dorian Gray, the one thing you will all have in common is that the resources of people are far less reduced than when you were gadding around town in earlier years.

Most folks, at this age, are already in a committed relationship, wingmen/ women are in short supply – and a lot of the single people lin your age group are going to be coming at you with a lot of baggage. But as they say, life begins at 40 – and it is not over yet. And the good news is, there are more singletons over the age of 40 on the hunt than ever before. So, where on earth do you begin?

The Ugly Truth

Men fair far better than the ladies. Fact. The UK government office of national statistics predicts that 40% of all women over 59 will be single in 2015. That means that there are two unattached professional ladies aged 35 to 50 for each unattached professional male. Men are more reluctant to date women in their late 40s and beyond. Sad, but true. But before you men get too cocksure, Cougars are on the increase with older women and younger men happily settling down in serious relationships more than ever before.

Get Started

Take time to review your resources. How are you going to acheive your objectives? Which of your friends are available to accompany you as you go about your search? The main thing is to stay positive. It is easy to get bogged down with feelings of despair that you will never find the one. The same as with most anything else, if you go in with a negative attitude you are going to limit what you can get out of it. So be positive! See it as an opportunity to get in touch with other single people that you might get on with, and have a laugh with without having any specific expectations. That way you will have a lot more fun and really be yourself.

Online Dating

Choose a site. There are so many. Some are free; some have membership fees. The good news is that there are plenty of sites catering to certain age groups, specific ethnicities, religious faiths, gender preferences, educational levels and hobbies. Get started. Choose one and sign up! Need some help? Check out the online dating directory on

Get Out Of The House, Already!

It is easy to hole yourself up when your social circle has about dried up, whereever you go, the patrons look half your age. Actually, there is a lot of things you could and should be doing. Aim for singles events that cater for your background, interests as well as your age group.

So, You Have Kids?

Chances are either you have a kid or two, or your potential partner has a ready made family. Either way, it does not take you out of the race. In fact, there is a whole online dating website built around the idea.

Essential Reading

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