The Downside To Online Dating

With more and more dating websites popping up all over the place, the increase in opportunity for scam artists to attempt to part people from their hard-earned cash. You need to prepare for the online dating world by always using common sense and by reading up on the lastest online predators tricks from time to time.

Protect your time and money – also keep your heart safe – too by being all to aware of:

The Downside To Online Dating

Never Send Money, Dummy!

There is only one answer to anyone who asks you to cash money orders. Yes, that’s ‘No’. Many vulnerable online users have been scammed into cashing cheques and wiring the money to a person who claims to be in another country and unable to cash cheques. These virtual crooks will spend a lot of time gaining your trust before they ask you to do so. The cheques are usually ‘washed’ which means that they were purchased for a small amount of money and then altered. These people will eventually get caught and it is impossible to prove that another person made the cash cheques and you will be responsible for owing the bank.

Beware The Fast Pacer!

Be on high alert of anyone that wants to meet immediately because it should take a few weeks of online chat and phone calls before meeting another person is even considered. Stating the obvious, when you do meet someone, do not leave your personal belongings alone with him or her at any time. This presents an ideal opportunity for anyone, with evil intent on mind, to steal your credit card or other personal information and you may not notice these things are missing for a few days.

Beware Of Links Sent To You

Something that most people are not aware of – but be cautious of people who send you links. Do not click on a link without first knowing what it is and never download any programs on to your computer that other users are sending you or have in their profiles. You never know whether it is some type of spyware program that can steal information from your computer like your passwords and credit card numbers.

Scam Online Dating Sites

Tread carefully when it comes to an online dating website that is new and not well known. Its sole purpose may be to steal your credit card number of other personal information for their use. These companies can thrive because they are online can disappear easily without a trace and it may be a long time before your money is found and if at all. Further, always read the terms and conditions of any site before you sign up to be sure that there is no clause that give them permission to sell your email address or use your personal information in any way.

The online scams can put a real strain on your dating game but if you are smart, you should not have any problems.

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