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Don’t Freak Out When Condom Splits – Pop Up Dating Events
Condom Splits

Don’t Freak Out When Condom Splits

Gentlemen, take heed. Recent research has revealed that only 60 per cent of women will report when the condom splits, leaks and slips. The study used data collected from 512 men and women who sought treatment at five U.S. health clinics. The participants, whose ages ranged from 15 – 65 years old, recorded their sexual encounters in an online diary for up to 180 days.

In about seven percent of those sexual encounters, the participants reported being rushed while putting them on. Overall, the condom broke, slipped off and leaked about five percent of the time when people rushed to put it on, compared to about two to three percent of times when they did not rush. Additionally, 22 percent of these hasty individuals reported not using anything throughout sex, compared to about 14 percent of people who were not rushed.

There are a lot of other reasons why a condom splits. Despite all the rigorous testing that condoms go through, it can actually break during the heights of passion. It may also break when it is put on too tightly, or when the user forgets to leave some space at the top of it after putting it on. Or it could break due to lack of lubrication.

The normal first reaction when a condom splits would be to stare astoundingly at the broken piece of rubber that was supposed to protect one from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. And then, panic. If this happens to you, simply stop what you are doing, throw out the broken prophylactic and put a new one on. However, if it breaks at the end of your sex session after the man had already ejaculated, he must slowly pull out and carefully peel the condom off, or whatever is left of it. If able to do so, you should both take a warm shower and thoroughly wash the genitalia with warm, soapy water. Woman should not douche as it actually irritates the vaginal membranes and increases the likelihood of an STD being transmitted.

If you have had unprotected sex, book an appointment with your doctor and test for STD. This may seem overly cautious, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You will also want to pay close attention to any strange symptoms you might get that could signal an STD, including a rash, pain, discharge or fever.

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