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Each of the many new dating apps flooding the market, it seems, almost every week, claims to be better than Tinder. The problem for many of them is that they may well be a nice dating app but it is just a shame about the mearge database. Some of these dating apps have the potential to do better than Tinder … but where are the people at?

3 Great Dating Apps Failing To Kick Tinder’s Butt


Happn is, well, just not happening. It is a great concept however; you will be lucky to get one new hit during an entire day. The mobile dating app uses your phone’s location to show you potential matches. Every time you cross someone’s path, this person’s profile will be added to the top of your feed. You can ‘heart’ someone if you like him or her.

If there is a mutual interest you can start chatting for free. The problem is that you might have to position yourself in Grand Central Station 24/7 to get any success. If you are the type of person to be out and about a lot, and we mean a lot, you may as well give this a shot. Free download on Apple Store.


The founder of the controversial dating app, Luxy, admits that every day they ‘weed out’ users who ‘don’t belong’. This might explain why it may be full of wealthy men but not rich in numbers. The dating app, created exclusively for the rich and beautiful requires men to pull in at least a cool €75,000 whilst women get by with a pretty face.

Perhaps to mask the lack of users, the developers made the shrewd move of limiting how many potential candidates that you can browse each day; but even then, few are likely to be residing in your country. Private jets at the ready! Luxy is available, for free, on Apple Store.


Saving you the embarrassment of fishing around to find out whether or not your love interest can financially match your lifestyle or have the means to feed him or herself, BeLinked provides the relevant information upfront, matching you with candidates from LinkedIn. The app pulls your photo and personal information from the business-orientated social network.

Users can then filter through age, proximity, and job industry to find their perfect match. Since numbers are based upon your personal network, offerings are meagre. Worse still, if you limit your search to specific industries. Download for free on Applestore


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