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Ladies, Mr Twilight Does Not Exist! – Pop Up Dating Events
Edward and Bella Twilight

Unless you have been living under a rock during the last few years, you are well aware of the Twilight Saga in both books and cinemas. While this is a totally captivating series of books as well as movies, Twilight has probably done more damage to relationships single-handedly than anything else in existence.

Ladies, Mr Twilight Does Not Exist!

Girls see how Edward (played by Robert Pattinson) treats Bella (Kristen Stewart) and they all want their boyfriends to treat them the same way. What they are not getting is that, in real life, there are no guys that treat their women the way that Edward does. And the irony is that the then real-life couple eventually split up because of the way Kirsten treated Robert Pattinson in the worse way. Yes, she had that infamous affair with Rupert Sanders director of Snow White and the Huntsman in which she starred. But back to Twilight….

Edward is a fictional character created by a woman, author Stephenie Meyer. That should explain everything to those mooning females out there that dream of the day that their Prince Edward will come. Now, please do not misunderstand. Twilight is easily one of the most entertaining book series to come along in a while. However, it is simply not fair to expect real flesh and blood men to act the way that a supernatural character in a book acts.

There are a few things wrong in the Twilight books that need to be pointed out to the girls that live in their fantasy world. First of all, Bella seemed to have fallen head over heels in love with Edward before she knew anything about him. Actually, she did not find out a lot about him until they were well into their relationship. Seriously ask yourself how you can fall in love with someone you do not even know? The main answer to that one would be that you are not in love with this person. Rather, you are infatuated with him. He may be gorgeous to look at and you may feel an instant lust for him, but it is not true love. The fact that Bella’s infatuation continued to grow and become love is something that just rarely, if ever, happens in real life.

Women must stop trying to turn their men into Edward. That is not going to happen anymore than most women would turn into Bella. Sure, women love their men, but would any of them go to the extremes that Bella does in these books? Probably not, when you really think hard about it. She is not any more real than Edward is. Real people need to start understanding that.

Couples have romantic and fulfilling relationships all the time. They just do not usually go the route of the plots in Twilight. If you are in a relationship or you want to be in one, be realistic. Look for someone that you can get to know and someone that will want to know who you really are. There is so much more to a person than the way they look, and you cannot hope to know someone simply by looking at them. There must be talking and interacting.

Communication is the only way to find out what you need to know about someone and tell if you want to be in a relationship with that person. It does not happen any other way. In fact, if you do try to pin it all on how attracted you are physically to someone, you will find out just how disappointing a relationship can be in the end.


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