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FAQs – Pop Up Dating Events


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Need to know more about Pop Up Dating Events? Please read the following Pop Up Dating Events FAQs to answer a query you may have.

What are Pop Up Dating Events?

Aimed at professional singles. Events take place at exclusive venues, from boutique hotels to private members clubs. Pop Up Dating Events take place in London, UK.

How many singles can I meet?

Parties usually attract up to 200 professional singles. It depends on the venue capacity.

What is the male to female ratio?

Our booking system controls ticket sales to ensure there is a 50/50 male to female ratio although we we cannot guard against every eventuality. To ensure gender ratio, bookings are non-refundable. Note: we are not responsible for people’s schedules – no shows or latecomers.

What if I like someone? And how will I know if I get any matches?

Unless the event description states otherwise (i.e. online events and speed dating), you are required to be proactive and exchange contact details with any potential matches. We respect people’s privacy and we do not forward contact details.

Why do I need to book in advance?

Our events require an equal balance of men and women and our guest need to book in advance ensure we maintain as equal ratio as possible.

How do I collect my tickets?

We do not issue tickets. We have a guest list. Guests sign in on arrival.

What happens if I can’t make an event once I have booked?

An event is heavily dependent on equal male/female ratio. We do not offer transfers or refunds on any tickets but a guest may attend in your place. Please email us with the details of your replacement.

What should I wear?

You should wear makes you feel comfortable, but remember first impressions count!. The general guideline is smart casual.

What type of people attend Pop Up Dating Events?

Professional singles that lead active lives and therefore do not have the time or opportunity to meet potential partners through the usual channels. We attract a wide variety of individuals of many professions, nationalities and religions.

Do many people come on their own?

Lots! The aim of the evening is to meet new people, and the format of the evening ensures this, so it doesn’t matter if you come alone or in a group, you will still meet the same number of people.

Which cities do we run our events?

We’re currently running events in London and will be opening up new areas and niche dating with our online events in 2020.

Will you be hold events for niche groups

Yes, this is something we hope to do in the not-too-distant future.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in Pop Up Dating Events FAQs, please contact us.


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