Men With Beards

You can point an accusatory finger at the annual fundraising event Movember, or even the superhero Wolverine, for the hair-raising phenomenon; but whatever the inspiration for the trend, the planet is now filled with a tribe of newly bearded men. There is certainly not a single woman who has not noticed this fashion-craze, but what do ladies really think of all the efforts of such gentlemen? And do these wonderfully bearded creatures now get more dating game? We put the question out there to the ladies. This what the said about how they feel about men with beards – hot or not?

Do Women Really Like Men With Beards ?

Women For Men With Beards

Audrey, 38, Colorado

I used to hate facial hair and thought it looked dirty. As I got older I started to think beards looked good, but clean ones only, not the bushy out of control ones. There is a fine art to a beard. Some men just can’t maintain them. An unruly beard screams dirty man to me.

Emma, 32, London

I love a beard and I don’t think I could date a guy who was unable to grow one! There’s something primal about a man with a face and head of hair, like he’d kill a wildebeest for you.

Katya, 27, London

My boyfriend always looks better with facial hair, even if it’s just tiny stubble because he looks very young without it! I prefer beards because it is incredibly more masculine.

Emma, 30, Essex

Beards add more maturity to men and makes them look more rugged. I prefer them to nothing at all because it adds character to a man. Beards give men a sexy look and makes them look a little rougher – in a good way.

Nancy, 41, Texas

I usually find men more attractive with a beard, but it definitely depends on the guy. Some can rock a beard and look so attractive and sexy! There’s a really manly look about a guy with a beard.

Amy, 31, London

I find beards very hot. Perhaps, on some subconscious level, it is the need to be looked after by a hunter-gatherer type, although it pains me to admit that.


Women Against Men With Beards

Anisha, 25, Hertfordshire

I have always preferred a man without a beard. I think it’s because it looks cleaner and more hygienic. Beards can be attractive on the right person, but it depends on their face, structurally.

San, 32, London

Men with beards are weird because I imagine bits of food getting stuck in there! I just don’t find myself generally eyeing up men with them, and don’t get me started on moustaches, although stubble can be attractive.

Anna, 25, London

Whenever friends grow moustaches for Movember I much prefer them without. I have a genuine fear of them looking quite terrifying by the end of the month! Needless to say, I hate beards.

Abi, 26, East Sussex

I’m not a fan of men with beards. I can barely endure the stubble against my skin. Sensitive skin and sharp stubble don’t bode well together.

Julie, 38, Kent

Men are far more attractive without them because beards mean you can’t kiss them on the cheek properly! Plus you can’t see their features that well when it is obscured by facial hair.

Photo: Elisa More


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