Does beards make men more attractive? Bunny Mashongamhende hit the streets to ask hirsute men whether or not they get more attention from women with or without a beard.

Do Beards Get Men More Action?

Yes – Beards Do Get Men More Action

Jon, 25, Surrey

I definitely get plenty of more attention now that beards are trendy. When I’m in a bar, girls always want to feel it, and I’m always happy to oblige! Finally the rest of the world knows what I have known for quite some time, beards are cool.

Matt, 37, London

Female friends always said my beard suited me when I first grew it seven years ago. I would happily shave it off if any partner told me that it irritated her, but every girlfriend that I’ve had has wanted me to keep it and are always surprised at how soft it is.

Dan, 30, London

Women are generally positive about my beard, commenting that I look older and more distinguished. My girlfriend thinks I look better with it. I think it is personal taste, some women just don’t mind either way.

Harry, 27, Dorset

I’ve had a beard for four years now and I’ve noticed an increased attention since they have become fashionable. Women, in general, have become more curious about facial hair. They want to know what it is like to kiss a guy with a full beard, when perhaps they wouldn’t have wanted to before.

No – Beards Do Get Men More Action

Martin, 35, Kent

I feel I have less attention from women because beards have become mainstream. I’ve always had some type of facial hair since my early 20’s and because it was less common than now, women were always receptive to how different I looked. Sadly, the market has become saturated.

Jim, 40, Colorado

I think I attract less women with my beard, and my girlfriend certainly made her negative thoughts known when we first started dating. She now has just got used to it, and even my friends have not always been complimentary, but I grew it for myself, not for them.

Ross, 27, London

I haven’t noticed a difference in attention from women now, compared to being clean-shaven. I think that beards being in fashion have just made them more appreciated than they were before, but I don’t have more luck with the ladies, but it certainly hasn’t declined either!

Leonardo, 28, Berkshire

I shaved my beard off recently for a new job, after having it for ten years, and my female friends were so relieved and begged me not to have it ever again. There have been women who liked my beard, but it differs from woman to woman.

Photo: YS Brandcosijn


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