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Dating Events Guide For Men – Pop Up Dating Events
Dating Events Guide For Men

 Dating Events Guide For Men

Listen up, a lot of deluded gentlemen are of the thinking that dating events are just for IT geeks and the like. In fact, the reality is, in order to survive the dating jungle, a man must have a certain prowess about him to be hunter as he selects and then pounces upon his female prey. Here’s what the misguided souls can learn from  the seasoned speed dater!

Pah To Rejection!

We are going to apply a bit of psychology here. Let’s say that you are at a d.etal Singles Party, surrounded by approximately 100 attractive single women. There are going to be some that you are going to consider to be knock-outs and yeah, others might just not be to your taste (not everyone likes a statuesque blondes with big boobs and a pert derriere!). But let us face it, it would be impossible to chat up every single woman in the room even if you fancied them all anyway. So basically, when you walk into the room, quickly filter out who you like and do not like.

Yes, you are the one who is doing the rejecting!

Get it?  So what if the Kate Moss lookalike is giving you the eye, you prefer the Cheryl Cole type looking chick supping a cocktail in the corner. You see, you are in control. Not them. Repeat: Man is hunter…


It Is A Social Event, Not An Interview!

We know that you only have a limited time to talk to each woman and therefore you want to learn as much as you can about each other before the bell rings. Let’s face it, most women want to know where you work (or rather that you have a job!) etc but do not let her guide you into a boring factual summarisation of your life. Throw her off-key with some wise-cracks. Leave her remembering you for the right reasons and wanting more. But be careful not to be too goofy, a woman likes a man with a sharp wit but one who can also be serious too.


Do Not Scatter-Gun The Room,  Be Selective!

Sh, here is a secret: Ladies are not impressed by men who bounce aimlessly from woman to woman of all types. Yes, we know it is a singles event and they will quietly turn a blind eye when you expectedly move onto the next girl but if you look like a Playboy in the making, you could end up without any matches. By now, you should know what is your type of woman, so stick with it. Do not act like a kid let loose in a candy store who cannot resist feasting upon every delicious treat in the wake. Ladies are more likely to pick you the more selective you are. They have this need to feel like you choose them out of the many options that you have.


Secure The Date!

So you have got to the end of the night and have your list of promising Matches. Cool. Now do not follow up with a boring phone call or text. Send something flirty and playful. Remember she matched you with other menfolk and you want to stand out from the crowd.

The bottom line is to enjoy your singles event – chill out, chat up numerous chicks and sup a beer. Sounds like heaven right?  Now you have the Dating Events Guide, men do your thang.


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