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Cancer Traits – Pop Up Dating Events
Cancer Traits

Are you dating a Cancer? Are you a Cancer? Want to know what makes a person tick when it comes to love? Here are some special insights into the strengths and challenges of love using Sun sign compatibility. Here is what you need to know about:

Cancer Traits

Cancer (22 June – 23 July 23).

Cancer the Crab.  You could not pick a more fitting description, not that Cancers cannot be wonderful, warm human beings.  As a matter of fact, Cancer is the most maternal sign in the zodiac. You will not find anyone more loving.  But with all that love comes a lot of emotional baggage.

Cancers are heavily ruled by our moon, which controls the tides of the ocean. You know how rough the seas can be.  Well, when the moon is just right, or in the case of the cancer, all wrong, look out.  Out come the tears, the throwing of sharp objects and a lot of other not so pretty emotions. 

A cancer can love you to death but if you cross him or her look out. He or she can give you a look as cold as ice and have you feeling sorry for her all at the same time. Because Cancers are so emotional, they tend to let things get out of control at times.

Normally very neat around the house, when they get into a mood, they can let things really pile up to the point where you need to bring in a cleaning service to get things straightened out.  Under normal conditions, however, a Cancer home is a wonderful home; comfortable, good food and lots of love and attention.

Oh yes, Cancers can literally smother you with their love and they demand to be smothered back.  So if you are not the touchy feeling kind of person that he or she is looking for, you might want to either take some affectionate lessons or stay clear.  If they feel that their overwhelming love is not being returned she or he can become quite moody.

At work, even though it may seem that Cancers are too moody to keep a job and do it well, this is actually not true. Cancers are very intuitive and sensitive to change and many times they are on the cutting edge of things. They can be extremely creative and make good executives. Their mothering instincts make them great at creating their own projects as they tend to look at these projects as their children. Because of this, they work very hard on them.

Cancers are indeed quite a handful, but with a little love and understanding, they can be the best friend and lover you will ever want in your life.

Best Star Signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo
Worse Star Signs: Aries

Famous Cancers: Tom Cruise, Princess Di, Harrison Ford, Meryl Streep, Liv Tyler, Tom Hanks, the Dali Lama and Ernest Hemingway.


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